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Classic Seville Marmalade

Seville trees grow everywhere in Greece. They are often wild or planted next to roads, especially in the cities where they decorate the streets. The orange blossoms are used for blossom water, the unripe fruit for ‘glyko’ and the juice as a secret ingredient in lemony Greek potatoes. Known as Nerantzi, they are not bitter but fragrant, sour and tangy. I often opt for Nerantzi juice to sweeten sauces or make orange curd. But, for now, I’m thinking hot buttery Irish soda bread toast and homemade Seville marmalade. This is a no-nonsense, simple recipe for the all-time classic Seville marmalade with a delicious fruity flavour that’s not too sweet and prepared with minimal fuss, chopping and shredding. It’s nearing the

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I love sharing and cooking food but feel there should be no set rules. Everyone can cook, everyone can produce a delicious meal. Good food does take time but should never be a chore.

It is often a time and a place; hot sausage and mustard cooked on a windy beach; Sunday lunch with family and friends; grilled fish by the sea or simple garlic and sage pasta on a Monday night. I try to use ingredients accessible to all.