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Tuna and Fennel Salad

A lovely simple tuna salad to make the most of the new season’s fennel. This is perfect when you want something light for lunch, but an average salad will not do! That kind of feeling that says I need a good relationship with my swimming costume this summer but don’t want to eat boring salads. I’ve paired the wafer-thin fennel and apple slices with a hint of mild chilli and mirin seasoning. I used the Pilafa apple, which is grown in the Peloponnese – use whatever is local to you. Something like the Braeburn variety would be good. I’ve also used a ‘katsika’ or goat pepper, widely available here in Greece, but I fear not farther afield. It’s sweet but has a slight bite and is perfect for salads. It’s not essential but delicious if you can put your hands on one. I topped my tuna and fennel salad with

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I love sharing and cooking food but feel there should be no set rules. Everyone can cook, everyone can produce a delicious meal. Good food does take time but should never be a chore.

It is often a time and a place; hot sausage and mustard cooked on a windy beach; Sunday lunch with family and friends; grilled fish by the sea or simple garlic and sage pasta on a Monday night. I try to use ingredients accessible to all.